Crowd Management Made Easy Digital Version

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Here’s all you need to know about Crowd Management at live events.



Bruno’s written this book with Event Organizers and Crowd Safety professionals in mind. It contains practical solutions to all the problems you can face when dealing with crowd safety.

Table Of Contents

Part 1: Planning 9

Capacity Charts and Floor Plans 10

Getting your dimensions off a floor plan 12

Capacity 13

Calculating Single Room Capacity 16

Finding A Competent Security Provider 20

Placement And Amount Of Security Personnel 21

Contraband 24

Event Safety Management Plan 26

Structure Of Your ESMP 27

Dealing With Active Shooters And Terrorists 28

Drones And How To Deal With Them 35

How To Deal With Presence Of Media 36

Part 2: Building 38

Informing Your Audience 39

Visual 40

Distance and readability of signage 42

Lighting 43

Emergency Lighting 44

Public Address Systems 45

Exit/Egress route Requirements 47

Entry Gates 48

Design tips for entry gates 54

Part 3: Managing 55

Monitoring Crowd Density 56

Monitoring Crowd Behavior 57

Estimating Crowd Size 57

Informing The Crowd 58

Prepared Announcements 59

Resources 61

The End 62

About the Author 63

Legal Notices 64


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